Empowering healthcare professionals with a more efficient & collaborative curbside experience

Connect referring and consulting providers locally and beyond to determine optimal patient care as quickly as possible.

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Access to medical expertise for
anyone, anywhere, anytime.


A more connected digital curbside experience.


Create more equitable access, reduce costs, and optimize care by empowering healthcare professionals with seamless curbside collaboration, shared documentation, and revenue generation.


Why DocSide is the place for you

DocSide connects and builds your referring & consulting community, increases timely access to specialty expertise, generates revenue, and saves costs for you and your patients.

Build Community

Connect with a community of referring and consulting providers to care for patients locally and beyond.

Create Access

Expand your and your patients' access to quality and timely specialty expertise.

Increase Revenue

Capture revenue for work you are already doing.

Lower Costs

Reduce health care costs for your practice, your facility, and your patients.

Which best describes you?

  • Equitable access to specialty expertise

  • Provide timely, optimal care for patients

  • Capture revenue/RVU credits

  • Easily streamline workflows to save time and cost

  • Reimbursement for all qualified professionals

Qualified Healthcare Professionals

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  • Increase equitable access and optimize outcomes

  • Stop patient leakage while growing your catchment area

  • Save costs on unnecessary in-person patient visits

  • Recognize the time and medical expertise of your QHPs

  • Capture revenue for work already being done

Hospitals & Systems

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  • Cost savings on unnecessary in-person patient visits

  • Timely and equitable access to specialty expertise for provider network

  • Minimize costs per member and optimize patient outcomes

Insurance Payors

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About us

Health care professionals have questions about their patients and the answers simply cannot wait . . . but curbsides are easier said than done.

So we designed a curbside experience you'd design if you had the free time to do it. A place where quality specialty care is available to everyone without delays. Where care is customized, and outcomes optimized.

Where you and over 3 million other healthcare professionals can improve care for over 300 million potential patients. DocSide is the technological breakthrough that will finally make a disconnected curbside process…more connected.

We are a community of providers and entrepreneurs addressing key challenges in the delivery of healthcare. We invite you to collaborate with us to create a care process that is financially sustainable, for the providers as well as staff who administer the care. Ultimately, our passion is helping patients thrive, and we know all providers, clinics and systems in which they work are critical to this aim.

Richard E. Popwell, Jr., M.D.

Dr. Popwell obtained his Doctor of Medicine from Tulane University and completed a neurology residency at the San Antonio Uniformed Services Health Education Consortium. He practices neurology, serves as a Regional Medical Director of Specialty Care for a globally recognized health system, and is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology. As a co-founder of DocSide, Rich has a passion to improve healthcare through innovation.

Karlina Popwell, M.A.

Karlina has a Master’s degree from Tulane University. She has worked in strategic planning, fund-raising, marketing, product development, and clinical trial accrual. She has also held several volunteer leadership positions. Through DocSide, Karlina hopes to make a positive impact for patients, physicians, and their families.

Welcome to the DocSide.

Where curbsides are more connected.

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